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  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions about VTE`s range of filters

    Here you will find answers to general questions. If one of your questions remains open, please do not hesitate to contact us. VTE`s employees will be happy to help you.

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    We need a filter that is no longer manufactured and is not available anywhere. What are the possible solutions?

    VTE`s experts have known all filter plants and filter techniques for 65 years. You can tell VTE-Filter your requirements and wishes. VTE-Filter can also design and manufacture customized equipment according to individual specifications. Simply contact VTE-Filter without obligation.

    We have inexplicably high material wear and tear despite regular cleaning and maintenance of VTE`s equipment. This causes high costs. Changing the filters has not helped, the problem still exists. What can you do?

    VTE`s experts can also come directly to you and inspect your equipment. VTE-Filter will find the cause and suggest solutions how VTE-Filter can increase the lifetime of your equipment again.

    You communicate compliance with the highest quality standards. How do you guarantee these?

    VTE-Filter uses an internal ISO quality management system and test all products for compliance with the manufacturers` specifications. No product is delivered if it does not meet the strict requirements.

    How do you manage to have all products in stock at all times?

    VTE-Filter has a warehouse with an area of over 17.000m². This is the perfect condition for the constant availability of all filters and oil separators for VTE`s customers.

    We have a shutdown of our plants and need spare parts as soon as possible for recommissioning to avoid further economic losses. How quickly can you deliver?

    VTE-Filter has millions of products directly in stock and can usually ship them on the day of order. VTE`s central location with perfect transport connections, as well as VTE`s cooperation with all major transport companies, guarantees unbeatable delivery and the worldwide dispatch of your goods in record time.

    Since you offer significantly cheaper OEM products and not the original brand products of the manufacturers, are there differences in the quality of your articles?

    No. OEM products come from the same manufacturer and fulfill the same quality characteristics as the "branded product". The advantage of the significantly lower purchase price is based on lower costs for marketing and distribution. You do not have to fear any loss of quality, VTE-Filter guarantees that the highest quality standards are maintained.

    What distinguishes your company from the competition?

    VTE-Filter has 65 years of experience and, as a family business in its third generation, it is not for nothing that VTE-Filter is one of the leading suppliers in the world market for filter spare parts. VTE`s expertise gives VTE-Filter the decisive advantage in terms of specialist knowledge, because this is the only way VTE-Filter can meet the constantly changing market requirements and continue to grow and be successful, and maintain VTE`s competitive edge with VTE`s original professional competence. A further competitive benefit for VTE`s customers is that they can avoid expensive idle times and production downtimes as VTE-Filter delivers their spare parts in record time.

    Is there an official quality management for your company?

    VTE`s management system is certified by DNV GL Business Assurance Germany according to the ISO standard 9001:2015 for the scope: Sales and distribution of filters and coalescers for all maritime and industrial applications. DNV GL is a leading provider of certification, assessments, verification and training.

    What brands are VTE-Filter products compatible with?

    VTE`s products are compatible with the filters of over 600 manufacturers, including all the world`s leading brands. VTE`s filter products are compatible with both European and Asian filter processes.

    What is your company`s position on environmental and climate protection?

    VTE-Filter believes that every company has a responsibility towards the environment and future generations. VTE-Filter makes contribution by optimising VTE`s internal processes and by managing all stations of VTE`s company such as production workshop, warehouse, dispatch and office under one roof. This allows VTE-Filter to work very efficiently and has extremely short distances between the individual stations. This minimizes transport costs and CO2 emissions. VTE`s filter products help industrial and shipping companies to filter pollutants, thus reducing the burden on the environment and minimising their raw material or material requirements.